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Responsibility of good tomorrow

Strengthening the competitiveness of the chemical industry requires new success. The continuous development of well-being is essential to the future success of any workplace.

The social partners in chemical industry Finland (Chemical Industry Federation of Finland, The Finnish Industrial Union, Trade Union Pro and Federation of Professional and Managerial Staff) started 2011 a joint project Good morning - Good tomorrow.  The aim of the project is to promote well-being, develop skills, extend working lives, reduce morbidity, and increase productivity. The joint project is part of Responsible Care -program which is also carried out between social partners in Finland.

Social partners see that occupational well-being consists of good management, effective working community, knowledge and motivation and enthusiasm for the work.

Development of working life is an essential part of the effective HR management. Co-operation of the employer and the employee improves the performance and quality of working life. Preventive and active measures in workplaces are of great importance in promoting well-being, extending working careers and to reduce sickness absence.

Contact Information

The Chemical Industry Federation of Finland
Chief Legal Advisor, Labour law and collective bargaining
Juha Teerimäki
p. 09 1728 4318

The Finnish Industrial Union
Work Environment Expert Jenni Uljas
p. 020 774 1132

Trade Union Pro
National officer Taru Reinikainen

Federation of Professional and Managerial Staff (YTN)
Officer Mia Adolfsson

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